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"If I could get one good shot a year...boy, I'd be ahead of the crowd after 40 years!" - Budd Watson

Sunday, October 3, 2010

In Search of Budd Watson

Yesterday I went to Beausoleil Island in Georgian Bay Islands National Park with some friends. We had a great time hiking the north end of the island and taking photographs. In light of my recent research into the life and work of Budd Watson (the late prominent Canadian photographer from Midland, Ontario), I was so excited to do this trip. I kept walking around the island, wondering if at sometime during his life Mr. Watson had walked this island taking some of his amazing photos. As I scouted out photo ops and set up some shots, I kept asking myself, "What would Budd do?". I know the answer to that question is that he'd take way better photos than me. Here's a few of shots that I took. Enjoy!

Me on Beausoleil Island (Photo courtesy of Chris O'Driscoll):

Me on the beach at Honeymoon Bay (Photo courtesy of Chris O'Driscoll):

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